Metagenomics Technology: Biocoding and epimap-dB

Host-pathogen relationship visualized by ecoepidemiological metagenomics, which is to say, coordinately mapping infectious disease ecology, host clinical, epidemiological, and ecological data, pathogen genome biocodes, vector genome biocodes, vector ecology, and geographical/environmental factors onto a google-map based database platform.

Biocoding by PCR genomic tags to several genomic regions. pathogen-chip assays or mass tag PCR for pathogen identification where the diagnosis has insufficient supporting clinical, epidemiological, or molecular diagnostic data.

epimap-dB entries are made via a standardized XML extension format to a heriarchical dB overlaying a google-Earth based GIS. Entries can be sent via email, telephone recording, or direct dB entry. Geographical, environmental, and ecological data are incorporated by specific extensions, with data drawn predominantly from public remote sensing technology.

Field Portability: biocoding PCR assay and epimap-dB information technology utilize inexpensive, open source, off-the-shelf platforms and standardized extensions to cellular phone, internet, and PC technology. Epidemiological/clinical diagnostics take advantage of present and coming-online medical diagnostics technologies developed for resource-poor envrionments in the developing world.

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